Spring and Summer are here, time to put this Winter’s paint project plans into action

Spring and Summer Paint Projects

Now that you spent your winter down time to develop your paint project – time frame, budget, color selection and equipment purchases – it’s time to buy your paint and plan for your application.

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Start planning your paint projects for the Spring

Paint Projects

Winter isn’t necessarily the time of year when painting is on your mind but it’s a great time to start planning your paint projects for the Spring. Proper planning of a paint job is crucial and you must consider the time frame, budget and supplies needed to develop a realistic plan of action.

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Waterborne Alkyd Paint

Waterborne alkyd paints are oil based that clean up with soap and water and have properties and benefits of both oil and latex.

Waterborne Alkyd Paint

Water soluble oil offers a greater convenience and increased accessibility. It is ideal to people with allergies, home studios, students and those who have been avoiding oils due to the toxic solvents.

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Why choose solid vinyl flooring for my house?

Solid vinyl flooring has many benefits and is ideal for a home environment.

Vinyl Flooring Composition

With solid vinyl flooring you can recreate the look of natural stone, hardwood or any other material you can think of, you can even mix and match materials to make it look like you’ve combined different elements in your floor, or in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room as it is almost impervious to water penetration making this material perfect for a variety of uses.

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Re-Staining A Stained Deck

Re-Stain A Wood Deck

Sometimes there is a question whether or not re-staining an already stained wood deck is feasible.  In answer, there are two things to verify before attempting a re-stain.

First, are you using the same type of stain that was used before?

If you don’t know what product was used to stain the deck originally, either because you didn’t do it or simply cannot remember, then your best bet is to not attempt a re-stain.

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Is it too hot to paint outside?

Is it too hot to paint?

Texas summers can be brutally hot, is it too hot to paint outside?

This is a common concern and the short answer is “No” – but there are some important rules of thumb to always keep in mind.

1. Follow the sun.  Be aware of what time of day you are planning your outdoor paint project and the position of the sun at that time.  If possible always try to paint surfaces in the shade.  Not only will this be better for your paint application but better for your own physical comfort while you work.

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