Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is easy to clean; it’s resistant to stains, odors, and scratches.

Make your home the height of fashion with stunning styles from our ceramic tile collections. Designed from natural textures a variety of looks can be combined to create flooring sophistication.

Consumer available ceramic tile is subjected to a great many tests. It is tested for slipperiness, resistance to cold, heat, and chemical damage, breaking strength, and stain resistance, among others. The two most widely used tests are the wear resistance and water absorption tests. The wear resistance test, developed by the Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) reveals how well the tile resists damage from foot traffic. The absorption test, supervised by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), looks at how waterproof a tile is.

These distinctions do not necessarily make one tile better or worse than another, they merely help determine where and how a tile may be used. A tile that absorbs a lot of water should not be used outside where it freezes because the freeze-thaw cycle will crack the tile. But, it may be quite suitable as wall tile around a fireplace where water absorption matters little. A tile that is not very hard may not be suitable for floors or counter tops, but will be just fine for walls, back-splashes, and hobby crafts where surface wear is not an issue.