Re-Staining A Stained Deck

Re-Stain A Wood Deck

Sometimes there is a question whether or not re-staining an already stained wood deck is feasible.  In answer, there are two things to verify before attempting a re-stain.

First, are you using the same type of stain that was used before?

If you don’t know what product was used to stain the deck originally, either because you didn’t do it or simply cannot remember, then your best bet is to not attempt a re-stain.

Second, are there worn spots or exposed wood on the deck?

If yes, then a re-stain is going to result in those same worn or exposed surface areas appearing as lighter spots on your finished deck.  If you want your deck’s finish to be smooth and consistent then re-staining an excessively worn wood deck without stripping and prepping first is probably not going to have the desired results.

So if your wood deck is not too worn, has been well maintained, and you know what stain product was used previously (and can locate the same or similar product to apply) your re-staining results should yield positive results.

Otherwise, be sure to strip your deck with a good quality exterior finish remover and, as always, prep your surface thoroughly and apply according to the specifications of the product you have choses.

About Hausler’s Paint & Decorating:  Arthur Hausler has more than 30 years of experience in the paint and floor covering business.  What makes Arthur unique from others in the industry is using that experience to help his customers with great advice on completing their projects — even contractors get advise from him.  Arthur’s philosophy is that doing a job right the first time costs less than doing it twice.  Hausler’s Paint and Decorating will help you with matching the right color, paint or flooring to the right project and project location.

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