Caulk is one of those underappreciated building products that people tend to forget about when they do interior painting projects. But caulk is one of the most valuable products used by professional painters and those seasoned do-it-yourselfers who know the secrets of the pros.

Applying caulk is a fairly easy skill to master. A more expensive caulk will likely have better ingredients and, therefore, last longer. Ask us or read the labels on different tubes of caulk, and try to find one that says it has the least amount of shrinkage. Note that caulks come in different colors. You may want to pick a color that is close to the color you will paint.

Manufacturers carried:

Tower Sealants – 50yr. Accelerator Latex Caulk – Paintable in 30 minutes with latex paint.

Lifetime – Tower Tech Acrylic Urethane Elastomeric Sealant – Offers Superior Flexibility and durability.

Sascho – Big Stretch – A premium window, door, and siding sealant. Can span a 2” gap. Has incredible adhesion to most surfaces, lasts much longer than typical caulks, and has a limited Lifetime Warranty. Paintable.

Lexel – All purpose, co-polymer rubber-based sealant. It has excellent adhesion to most materials, even after seven days of water immersion.

Mildew Free Sealant – A white tub and tile sealant, great for resetting tile.

Exact Color – Create your own colored caulk, simply add paint.