Safety Glasses, Etc.

Failure to wear eye protection is the key factor in most eye injuries. Wearing the wrong type of eye protection (such as wearing glasses with no side shields) also contributes to a significant number of incidents.

Eye injuries in the workplace are very common. Every day an estimated 1000 people suffer an eye injury at work. Approximately 10% of these injuries are severe enough to require days away from work to recover. While the financial cost of these injuries is substantial, no dollar figure can adequately reflect the personal toll these incidents take on the injured.

Research conducted by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) has shown that almost 70% of eye injuries result from flying or falling objects striking the eye. Nearly three-fifths of these objects were smaller than a pin head and most of the particles were traveling faster than a hand-thrown item. The other significant source of eye injuries is chemical contact. BLS has estimated that chemical contact causes one-fifth of all eye injuries.