Is it too hot to paint outside?

Is it too hot to paint?

Texas summers can be brutally hot, is it too hot to paint outside?

This is a common concern and the short answer is “No” – but there are some important rules of thumb to always keep in mind.

1. Follow the sun.  Be aware of what time of day you are planning your outdoor paint project and the position of the sun at that time.  If possible always try to paint surfaces in the shade.  Not only will this be better for your paint application but better for your own physical comfort while you work.

2. Read the label. Pay attention to your paint product’s application instructions.  Follow recommended surface preparations and temperature ranges to understand how these may affect drying times and paint application.

3. Mind the surface temperature. If the area you are preparing to paint is very hot to the touch, mist the area for a few minutes with water from a hose.  This can drop the surface temperature by better than five degrees; the surface should dry quickly in the heat of the day and a little moisture can improve the overall paint application.

About Hausler’s Paint & Decorating:  Arthur Hausler has more than 30 years of experience in the paint and floor covering business.  What makes Arthur unique from others in the industry is using that experience to help his customers with great advice on completing their projects — even contractors get advise from him.  Arthur’s philosophy is that doing a job right the first time costs less than doing it twice.  Hausler’s Paint and Decorating will help you with matching the right color, paint or flooring to the right project and project location.

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